Money Assist Offers You Best Mutual Funds Investment Plans

Money Assist Offers You Best Mutual Funds Investment Plans

White Oak Capital Asset Management is a new entrant to the mutual fund community and according to a report in The Economic Times, is ready to open 100 branches across the country in the next 1-1.6 years.

Moreover, the fund house has lined up some of the best mutual funds investment plans for the public with the first being a Flexi-cap. It will be followed by an emerging markets fund, a large-cap, a mid-cap, and an ELSS fund. This news was announced by Prateek Pant, Chief Business Officer.

Read on to discover more details about the fund house!

Founder and Team

The White Oak group is founded by Prashant Khemka who was formerly the CIO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s India Equity and Global Emerging Markets Equity businesses. The team is a 30-member strong team.

Actively Managed Fund House

Talking to The Economic Times, Prateek Pant said that the AMC would focus largely on actively managed funds as it believes there is great scope in such funds. The reason they are focusing on active funds is because of the Government regulation on the cost of fund management/advice/distribution. Also, the huge segment of new entrants that invest digitally is a proponent of the same.

Multi-modal Presence

This AMC will build its own digital interface and create a digital presence through other fintech companies and stockbroking firms. The aim is to distribute the product via various mediums. WhiteOak has already empanelled distributors, one of which is Money Assist. So if you wish to invest in one of the best mutual funds investment plans of WhiteOak, invest through Money Assist.

Moreover, the company is confident of attracting investors thanks to its PMS (Rs. 7000 crores) and AIF (Rs. 5000 crores) divisions. Last fiscal year, the company had one of the largest inflows on the PMS side at above Rs. 5000 crores.

Some of these best mutual funds investment plans from this fund house are ready for investors. The introduction of these schemes at a time when markets are volatile has caused some concern, however, the fund house is of the opinion that investors should embrace volatility to earn a better premium.


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