Calculate Your Mutual Fund Returns With SIP Calculator

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a mode of investment and a counterpart of the lump-sum method of investment. SIP investment is usually done weekly, monthly, or quarterly. To get an idea of the returns from SIP investment, users can take the help of a SIP returns calculator.

What is a SIP Return Calculator?

SIP return calculator is a simple tool that helps users to measure the returns made through SIP investments. The calculator helps to give a return estimate to investors. NOTE that the actual returns may vary from the expected returns.

How to use the SIP Return Calculator?

It is very simple to use the SIP return calculator.

Step 1: Enter the SIP amount

Step 2: Enter the number of years you wish to stay invested.

Step 3: Enter the expected return rate

Step 4: You will get the estimated amount you can avail.

Hence you can use the calculator to find the mutual fund returns for 10 years.

Advantages of SIP Return Calculator

The advantages of the SIP return calculator are as follows:

  • ·         Plan your investment based on amount and tenure.
  • ·         Helps you save time from manual calculation
  • ·         Gives you an idea of the total investment value at the end of the SIP tenure.
* Calculated Values are an approximation. Actual return values
depend on Market condition and parameters affecting market condition.

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