Terms And Conditions

Money Assist is an online platform for purchasing and selling of mutual funds. Please read the Terms and Conditions cautiously before accessing any feature or making a transaction on this platform. The company holds complete right for modification or amendment of these Terms of Use and the conditions without any prior notice. It is recommended to periodically check the “Last Modified” legend to determine when the Terms and Conditions have been updated.
By accepting these Terms of Use, you are offering your consent towards the changes and agreement made and stay legally bound by them at all times. Your agreement to use our service is solely at your risk. Money Assist does not offer predictions on market volatility. The service provided is based on terms like “if”, “as available” and so on. Furthermore, we make no guarantee of any sort regarding whether our services will meet your demands or not. Neither do we take any liability on the un-interruption, security, timely or error-free of the services rendered.
Moreover, Money Assist does not provide any warranty regarding the results obtained through this service or any discrepancies occurring in the software. Any information or/and material obtained & applied through using this service is completely performed at your own discretion. We are neither to be blamed nor hold accountable for any misdoings by using the information/material provided in this platform. Duly note that Money Assist makes no guarantee that the data/material obtained will cause any harm to your device or data breaches.

Further, you are forbidden to partake in –

  • Taking up cases of defamation, libel, slander, harassment or violation of any legal rights of others
  • Copy, publish, republish, misinterpret of the content on the platform without any legal consent from the company
  • Transmit, translate, distribute, modify, upload the terms & conditions without valid authorization from the company
  • Conduct any surveys, contents, upload and distribute any information or/and software which are protected by intellectual property laws to third parties unless you own or hold the right to make the necessary changes
  • Upload and distribute malware into the platform which can breach & corrupt the platform or another’s device
  • Engage in any unauthorized access to any feature on our platform, network or system by the mode of hacking, network penetration, password mining or any other unfair means
  • Test, probe or scan the vulnerability of our platform by any means or any network connected to our platform nor, take part in a security breach or authentication measures on our platform or network
  • If any misleading information is traced to any particular user or a visitor on our platform – a strict legal disciplinary action shall be undertaken on the behalf of Money Assist
  • Use any device or means to falsify a statement or interfere with the proper functioning of the platform
  • Use our platform as a podium to commit any illegal and derogatory activity that harms the reputation of the company and/or the third parties as well
  • Violate any terms of use & regulations mentioned herein or anywhere in our platform
We further state that neither do we acknowledge or should be held accountable if you click on the links operated by third party websites which may or may not cause any damages to your system. Money Assist does not endorse any such advertisements; so, it is completely the responsibility of the user to authenticate the credibility of any link and take full responsibility for any consequences resulting from such actions.